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2/1/2014 LA vs Santa Monica

2014.02.10 Mon

Today we had a match against Santa Monica RFC's Div 4 team at our beautiful home pitch at Dodson Middle School in Palos Verdes at 12 PM. It was a warm (75 F) and beautiful sunny day. This is our second game of Div 4 league at Southern California Rugby Football Union.

Santa Monica Rugby Club is very famous and reputable club. It has Premium, Div 1 and Div 4 teams. Young guys are competing each other at their Div 4 team to move up to Div 1 and Premier teams. Therefore, all of these guys are playing hard.

During first half Godzilla spent tough time against their huge forward players particularly #3 prop (a pacific islander) weighs 300 lbs. We lost balls in scrams and line outs. Godzilla gave up 3 tries and finished the first half (0-15).

In second half, both forward and backs of Godzilla played well. Godzilla scored 4 tries. Santa Monica came back with two tries; however, Godzilla managed to win a slim victory of 28-25. Santa Monica had 5 tries with no goal. Godzilla only had 4 tries; however, Milo, our kicker, made all conversions even from one from near sideline and made a win. Bozho also blocked a conversion of Santa Moncia.

It was a great game of rugby today!

本日快晴20度のさわやかな太陽の下、LA Godzilla Division 4の第2戦目12時HomeのPalos Verdes Dodson Middle Schoolの素晴らしいピッチでKick off。対戦相手は名門Santa Monica Rugby ClubのDiv 4 team。Div 1への登竜門として、若手がしのぎを削る素晴らしいチーム。

ゴジラは前半相手の150 Kgはあるプロップや巨大フォワードにセットプレーで苦戦し、3トライを献上し、0-15と15点のビハインドで折り返す。

後半はフォワード、バックスの連携もまして、4トライを決め、Santa Monicaに2トライを返されるも、28-25で逃げ切って初勝利。トライ数は4-5で負けれいるものの、キッカーMiloが難しい角度からも全てのゴールを決めた事と、Bozhoが敵ゴールキックをブロックするなどの好プレーで勝利に貢献。最高の試合でした。

Roster of Godzilla today

1st half
1. Terry Woodbridge (Legend)
2. Junzo Matsuura (Godzilla)
3. Nick Mattos (Legend)
4. Tetsuya Nozaki (Godzilla)
5. Fernando Meja (Div 3)
6. John Yujas (Legend)
7. Justin Otsuka (Godzilla)
8. Tim Culloton (Legend)
9. Satoshi Sugimoto (Godzilla)
10. Yoshiyuki Muraishi (Godzilla)
11. Myu Hayashi (Godzilla)
12. Chiriro Taira (Godzilla)
13. Danichiro Kitabayashi (Godzilla)
14. Brandon Joseph (Div 3)
15. Bozho Deranja (Legend)

2nd half
1. Terry Woodbridge (Legend)
2. Junzo Matsuura (Godzilla)
3. Nick Mattos (Legend)
4. Shinichi Kakefu (Godzilla)
5. Zach Barid (Legend)
6. John Yujas (Legend)
7. Jason Kwok (Godzilla) - Jason Rodriguez (Div 3)
8. Tim Culloton (Legend)
9. Andy Dilsaver (Legend)
10. Yoshiyuki Muraishi (Godzilla)
11. Chris Unertle (Godzilla)
12. Chiriro Taira (Godzilla)
13. Milo Deranja (Legend)
14. Daniel Prado (Div 3)
15. Bozho Deranja (Legend)

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1/18/2014 LARFC vs Dead Rabbit RFC

2014.01.28 Tue

Dear: Dead Rabbit RFC
Thank you for coming to Torrance and giving us great Game.

1nd Half: 19-17 2nd Half:41-0

This is the first game in this season for Godzilla RFC!
Looks like most of Godzilla Players doesn't have energy to complete whole game:)
40mins is too long for us because we are old boys!!

本日LA Godzilla RFCは、Southern California Union Men Div 4初試合をしました。対戦相手はApple ValleyというここからLas Vegasに行く途中にある山の中からやってきたDead Rabbit。HomeのManhattan Beachのピッチで、午前11時快晴気温20度と初夏の陽気でKick Off。前半は17-19と3トライずつで、いけそうな予感。後半平均年齢の違いからかGodzillaは完全にガス欠、最終スコアは17-60でした。40分ハーフはとても疲れました。敵チームの数人のでかいパシフィックアイランダー(フィージー・トンガ・サモア?)にずいぶん走られてしまいました。以下メンバー表。

1. Esau
2. Yaji → Justin Rodrigquez (LA)
3. Nick (LA)
4. Shin → Junzo
5. Zack (LA)
6. Ted → ? (LA)
7. ?(LA) → Jason Kwok
8. Concrete (LA)
9. Andy Diosaver (LA) → Satoshi
10. Moloin (LA) → Mio (LA)
11. ?(LA) → Justin
12. Taira
13. Dan
14. Hiro
15. Bozho (LA)

Godzillaだけではメンバー足りず、LA RFCのOld Boysとの混成チームで、Div 4に望んでいます。4月頭まで、ほぼ毎週土曜日、home/awayで12試合。商社リーグや対抗戦よりも試合が多いので、どこまで持つか心配ですが、行くところまで行くつもりです。

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Scheduled for 2014

2013.12.25 Wed

We have a scheduled for 2014. The first Game will begin 1/18/14 in Devision 4 League. And also, every Tue and Thu, we have training 7pm-9pm at Alondra Park (3850 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260)with Los Angles Rugby football club!
Please Join us!

1/18/14 vs Dead Rabbits
2/1/14 vs Santa Monica
2/8/14 vs Rebellion
2/15/14 vs Dead Rabbits
2/22/14 vs OC Gators
3/1/14 vs Sierra
3/15/14 vs Armada
3/22/14 vs Santa Monica
3/29/14 vs Armada
4/5/14 vs Rebellion
4/12/14 vs OC Gators
4/26/14 vs Shierra
5/3/14 Catalina


現在、毎週木曜日夜7時から9時Alondra Park(3850 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260)にて、合同練習も開始しています。

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Rugby US Japan cup @ Chicago

2013.07.24 Wed

We finally came to this time! On 7/6/13, Godzilla went to Chicago to defeat all the team of New York, Chicago, Seattle.

Most of our Players arrived Chicago one day in advance, and prepared for this Tournament. Godzilla RFC won 2 years championship in a row. Got championship in 2011, and 2012 but due to luck of players last year, We've got arranged 12's Rugby Game against LA Godzilla. so this Tournament is very especial feeling for us.

First Game, We played against Seattle Team was tie Game.
Unfortunately, 3 players got injured in first half from Godzilla!!! so We had to play with no reserve players.. Second Game, against Chicago Team was big lost..

Nothing to say about it.. but only We realized that Rugby is very exciting and fun sports!!

Please watch attached uploaded game to YouTube. We are so slow:)!!

2013年7月6日、第9回目となるUSジャパンカップゴジラRFC一行はシカゴにて試合を行いました! 今回は独立記念日という事もあり通常なら9月頃に開催なのですが今回は主催者側の都合により7月に行う事になりました。





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Catalina Rugby

2013.05.12 Sun

5/4/13 Godzilla RFC joined Catalina Rugby event. This event is mostly over 40 years old boy team. We are the first time to join this event. Everyone was so excited and happy.

And also, There was game only over 50years players!!
Masashi and Noiri from our team were played.

Godzilla RFC played 2games but we were 10 players so mixed players from other team.
We also played with LA Rugby old team. They are so nice with us!!

Rugby Field was great! and weather was nice.
We are going to join next year for sure!



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Stretch out your legs!!

2013.02.14 Thu

All Rugby Players!!

You have to do stretch out your legs and achilles tendon!! no matter if you are late to come practice!! Spend the time at least 5min! before and after! Watch yourself!!


This is from our facebook

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